Initial Proposal for starting the
Central Illinois Chapter of the Society of Amateur Scientists

Created: September 5, 2009 :: Matthew T. Dearing :: Springfield, Illinois

  • The goal of the SAS of Central Illinois will be to develop and support the scientifically-important amateur research activities and education of citizen scientists located in the greater Central Illinois region.
  • The members of SAS-CI will actively participate in regional and national amateur research opportunities, and will effectively support the efforts of professional scientists by collaborating with regional professional organizations.

In addition, SAS-CI will...

  • ... develop and maintain local educational activities for K-12 and Community College students to help expand the general appreciation for science and a better fundamental understanding of our universe.
  • ... actively seek and maintain its membership from interested regional residents throughout Central Illinois in order to foster continued growth in the organization.
  • ... develop and present periodic open-to-the-public presentations on activities in order to promote and foster additional support from the regional community as well as to educate the public on important regional scientific research.
  • ... support annual fund raising activities for donation to external regional science and educationally-related programs and research.
  • ... collect annual dues from its membership to support both the national and local/regional SAS activities.
  • ... maintain its charter membership with the national SAS organization, and will attend the biannual national SAS convention and will present reports of activities and future directions.

If you are interested in learning more about the start-up of SAS - CI, and would consider joining the organization as a charter member, please contact Matthew T. Dearing using the form below...

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Last Updated: Saturday, September 05, 2009